Luxury Optical Holdings

Luxury Optical Holdings is the largest domestic retailer of ultra-luxury glasses frames, sunglasses and other eyewear. The company's footprint covers key luxury markets throughout the United States and operates under the trade names Morgenthal Frederics, Lunettes, Diva, Davante and Optical Fashion Centers. The company is known for its focus on impeccable customer service and its diversity of both proprietary and high-end luxury brands and styles.

In August 2006, Luxury Optical Holdings completed two add-on transactions with the acquisitions of Optical Elements and Optica. In addition to adding both trade names to the company's brand portfolio, it also established or expanded its presence in the key Miami, Orlando, Chicago and Aspen, CO markets. In November 2006, the company acquired Classical Eye-wear, a luxury eyewear retailer operating in the San Diego, CA market. In September 2014, the company acquired Robert Marc Eyewear, which operates in New York.